Getting Used To Your New Gold Metal Detector

Hooray! Your new gold metal detector has arrived! More and more people get their metal detectors through online websites, but there are plenty of others who still travel to bricks and mortar buildings and buy new gold metal detectors and all of the other equipment that they need. You may want to rush right out to the beach or park to try out your new gold metal detector, but you need to get used to it first.

It May Feel Strange With A New Gold Metal Detector

Metal detection is a skill that does not come instinctively to the human species. You have to go through a learning process. You need to learn how to put on the equipment, how to use the equipment and how to comfortable carry it about. A New gold metal detector often comes with a belt you need to wear, because that holds vital parts of your equipment. But sometimes they don’t come with a belt. You can use a regular tool belt.

Put all of the parts of your new gold metal detector together in the comfort and relative privacy of your home. It does take a little while to figure out where all of the wires go. Take the battery or batteries in and out to be sure you can change the battery easily when needed. If it’s not easy to change the batteries, then consider returning your new gold metal detector to the store and get one that does.

New Gold Metal Detector Trail Run

After you’ve hooked everything up and turn everything on, pick up your new gold metal detector and walk around the room with it. You may discover that you keep accidentally bumping it against the floor or raise it far too high over the floor for it to be effective. In time, you’ll discover the right height off of the ground to smoothly wave it over.

You also need to do some metal detecting to be sure your new gold metal detector actually detects metal. Drop a few coins on the floor and pass the new gold metal detector over them. You should hear a beep or get some other obvious signal that your device has picked up metal. If not, then you know that you have to take your new toy back to the shop.

It’s much better to get used to your new metal detector in your home where you can act like a fool than outside on the trail where everyone can see you.