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Deep in the Australian bush, a prospector trudges up a dry creek bed. The midday sun scorches his back. Sweat seeps through his dusty shirt. Undeterred, he clutches a long metal rod that is attached to a dinner-plate-size device. He swings the state-of-the-art metal detector to and fro across the ground. Its magnetic field penetrates three feet into the stony soil. The headphones clamped to his ears pick up a signal from the metal detector and emit a steady, high-pitched whistle.

Suddenly his pulse quickens as the high-pitched whistle descends to a guttural clicking noise—a sure sign that his device is above buried metal. He drops to his knees and starts digging. With urgent jabs his small pick penetrates the hard earth. The object is likely just a rusty nail. It could be an old coin. But as the hole deepens, the eyes strains for even a tiny hint of gold.

The methods of finding gold may have changed, but throughout history mankind has eagerly sought this lustrous yellow metal. In fact, over the past 6,000 years, according to the World Gold Council, more than 125,000 tons of gold has been mined. While ancient civilizations in Egypt, Ophir, and South America were famous for their wealth in gold, more than 90 percent of all the gold ever mined has been unearthed during the last 150 years.

Yes, gold metal hunting has actually manifested much interest upon those people of the past until the present times. Treasure hunters are taming around the world trying to find their own particular source of gold. Some may think this is just a simple hobby, but to those who take the matter seriously, gold treasure hunting goes way deeper than simply noting it for fun.

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