Finding The Real Deal In Gold Metal Detector Reviews

More and more people are looking into the hobby of metal detecting. They can not only find abandoned treasures, but fallen coins and lost items such as wedding rings fallen on a beach, park or yard. But in order to get the most out of the hobby, you need to get a metal detector. You don’t have to have one in order to join a metal detector club, but you get a lot more fun with one than without. Gold metal detector reviews online can help you in the decision of which metal detector to buy.

Gold Metal Detector Reviews – Ignore Manufacturer’s Websites

Many makers of metal detecting equipment will put up a separate website or blog and then call it something like Gold Metal Detector Although it may look like an independently written website, it’s usually a marketing tool by the manufacturer. When you look at a gold metal detector review site, look to see if it has any sponsors or read all of the small print on the “About Us” page. Many will blatantly say which manufacturer they work for.

Gold Metal Detector Reviews On Individual Websites

Many people into the hobby of metal detecting will put up their own gold metal detector reviews on their personal web pages. They are not shy of expressing how they really feel about anything in the metal detecting hobby, from advocating for cleaner beaches to help make the hobby safer or nitpicking the latest Gold Series metal detector.

If you can join a metal detecting club, then you have contact with an invaluable treasure trove of gold metal detector reviews. This is one of the big advantages of joining a club before you make the big investment of purchasing equipment. Also, you might discover that some of the members have gently used equipment for sale.

What About Consumer Gold Metal Detector Reports?

In America, the venerable magazine “Consumer Reports” is the epitome of unbiased product comparisons. They generally review any class of objects under the sun, but sadly, they have not done a gold metal detector review issue. Unfortunately, the hobby is still considered too obscure for the average “Consumer Reports” reader who may never even think of buying a metal detector.

There are consumer written ratings websites like NextTag and BizRate that do have places where the general public can write their own gold metal detector reviews. You do have to keep in mind that some people in the general public are a little more truthful than others. A product with lots of favorable reviews is worth checking out.