Is A Metal Detector To Find Gold All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

It takes a certain kind of person to go out in the world with a metal detector to find gold. This person doesn’t mind how he or she looks to others and usually is eager to show how their metal detector to find gold works. But they usually take lonely paths in out of the way places and often have a solitary day out in the wilds with only a metal detector for company. This person needs lots of patience, a love of the outdoors and a good sense of humor.

How Rich Can You Get Using A Metal Detector To Find Gold?

You’ve probably seen advertisements or news reports about such a solitary person with a metal detector to find gold suddenly stumbling upon a buried treasure or finding a lost valuable piece of jewelry. Then, they sold the found item and made a fortune. But before you go out and buy a new gold metal detector, take a deep breath. You will not get rich quick with a metal detector.

Although metal detecting is often listed as a hobby, there are those in the hobby who insist on calling it a sport. The vast majority of players in sports will never get to the professional leagues. And yet, that doesn’t stop people playing those individual and team sports, because they love the game. It’s the same way with using a metal detector to find gold or other valuable metals.

Metal Detector To Find Gold: How Much Money Is Involved?

There are many people in the hobby of metal detecting that never find enough objects to make their hobby pay, let alone make a profit out of it. Although there are professional metal detectors with professional-grade equipment, that stuff costs more than most houses and mortgages. Never invest more into the metal detecting hobby than you can afford to loose.

A decent metal detector will run you a few hundred dollars (American). You also need comfortable shoes, gloves, digging utensils, transportation and batteries for your metal detector. You also need time to devote to the hobby. This is not something that you can do just for a few minutes a day. Learning to use a metal detector to find gold is a skill that needs to be learned over some time.

When you add all of this up, this can run you into thousands of dollars. So, you better be sure that you enjoy the sport for the pure love of the game before you begin to play.