Want A Gold Metal Detector? You’re Not Alone

A gold metal detector can do more than uncover precious metals. It can also bring you help detect new friends. There are many clubs and organizations based on people going out into the world armed with a gold metal detector. People of all ages and economic classes enjoy getting together in person or online and talking about their favorite hobby. Using a metal detector is far from a lonely hobby.

Where Can You Find A Gold Metal Detector?

There are gold metal detector clubs in almost every state in America (and many states host several clubs). Other countries that have clubs are Canada, Holland, England, Wales, Australia, Norway, Poland and Bulgaria. You can contact them in person, through regular mail or online. One of the parent organizations for gold metal detector clubs is the National Metal Detecting League, which can help you find a club in your area.

Metal detector clubs also routinely help with community service projects, so you might bump into them in person. You can often see them helping out at a local charity walk, clean up day or with your local library’s fund–raising events. If there are any fairs or farmer’s markets in your area, they will often rent a stall or table to not only help promote the club and the hobby in general, but often sell some odds and ends to help the club.

No Device Required For A Gold Metal Detector

You don’t need a top of the line precision gold metal detector in order to be allowed into the club or attend the social events they have. Many gold metal detector clubs hold events where treasure is hidden and you have to be the quickest to find it. You will soon want to get a gold metal detector to join in on all of the fun, but you will be among the best people to help you make a wise purchase decision. You may even find a bargain on a gold metal detector that another club member may want to sell in order to get fancier equipment.

There are many advantages to joining a gold metal detector club besides the thrill of discovery. You get to go outdoors. You get exercise. You learn a skill which may hugely help you, your family and community. Some metal detector members volunteer to find lost metal objects with their tools – even if the object is in a garbage dump. Being able to reunite a person with their lost sentimental (and possibly valuable) object is personally rewarding.