Gold Rush Fever: Times Have Changed With The Gold Metal Detector!

Gone are the days when the gold rush fever was in full swing. Cowboys chewing on tobacco and sifting pans looking like gold to check if it was real or not, losing a tooth in the process wasn’t the issue, it was about finding the gold.

Times have changed and we too have evolved. Technology has progressed so much it would be difficult to think of things that we haven’t already thought of to produce. And yes, so the scanner hand held metal detector was invented.

At first they had to test to see which metals it detected and then the scanner hand held metal detector had to be refined to test only for specific metals. They could have put a chip in it and instructed the detector to search for the metal based on the periodic symbol keyed in. They could have used a form of radar too to see where precious metals such as gold, platinum and the likes are in abundance on the planet under the earth’s surface.

But instead they made use of the scanner hand held metal detector for people going into the areas where gold could be just picked up off the floors, ensuring that it wasn’t carried out of places like mines and museums and other display areas. Jewelry stores could use them too to ensure safety of their goods; they would predominantly use the use of a gold metal detector.

Gold – Tale Inspiring

Gold is such a rare product that the earth produces and the price fluctuates daily. So tight and extreme security measures have to be in place to ensure zero percent losses. With the help of the scanner hand held metal detector staff would be able to work and then scanned when finishing work. It could also pose as a problem as some people have gold in their teeth and sometimes other parts of their bodies due to operations.

Now with the use of the scanner hand held metal detector staff who have gold in their bodies would have to have those pieces noted daily as to show any changes in volumes not in locations as that could be disguised as a extra piece of tooth by some chance.
Imagine that cowboy sitting with his scanner hand held metal detector by the river, just wading through the river grit, keeping all his teeth in tact. Unfortunately mankind had to evolve and learn new ways of finding and doing things, and his mental capacity had to expand. So here we all are today still trying to find ways to evolve even more.