Hand Held Metal Detectors: Keeping The World Safe

Mention the word ‘metal detectors’ and the first thing that comes to mind is some person walking on a popular beach with a device in his hand that he sways to and fro; looking for lost coins or valuables. Hand held metal detectors have come a long way since only being used for finding treasure or coins in old abandoned places or ancient dwellings. Governments, industries and sports authorities are extremely aware of the ever-increasing need to supply and implement safety and security measures at large meetings, sports gatherings and high risk work areas.

Terrorism and violence are on the increase and in many cases large gatherings have become a prime target for this type of senseless killing. As most weapons and bombs contain some form of metal, hand held metal detectors have become one of the most used devices to detect metal objects on the person. Because it is hand held it can easily be scanned over a student entering the venue of a school function, travellers boarding a plane or even shoppers entering a retail outlet.

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Hand held metal detectors have technologically improved over the past few years. The lightweight design makes for easier handling. The device is extremely hardwearing and tough and is able to meet the demand for constant use. Hand held metal detectors have been designed to detect ferrous as well as non ferrous materials.

They are also being technically improved on a regular basis and latest models are becoming increasingly more sensitive and advanced. Hand held metal detectors are also fitted with alarm systems that are either audio or visual or both. There are metal detectors that have been fitted with a silent alarm as not to alert the perpetrator.

This silent feature comes in the form of a vibration that is easily felt or detected by the hand. Hand held metal detectors are made to fit a 9V battery and its sturdy construction allows it to be used in any situation as well as in any weather condition. High sensitivity hand metal detectors have push button activation and come with a calibrating option as well.

A Super Scanner That Has Become A Law Officer’s Favourite Aid…

Garrett hand held metal detectors are a firm favourite with law enforcing officers from around the globe. One of its most useful features is that it allows patrons coming in for screening to be searched without having to be patted down. It also has a large scan surface that makes for a more thorough scanning.