The Highly Effective Garret Hand Held Metal Detector

The garret hand held metal detector are highly accurate, very reliable, light in weight, extremely affordable, tough and also very durable. They can be effectively used in log and Lumber companies to detect even the smallest bits of metal debris in the wood. The garrett hand held metal detector ensure that nails, screws and even tiny bits of wiring can be completely removed making the wood metal free. Which is very important before it can be sent off to the customers.

The garrett hand held metal detector is so tough and durable that that they can be used countless times in the lumber yards before they have to be replaced. These detectors are used all around the world and are mainly used by law enforcement, schools, at courthouses, correction facilities and even airports. It is crucial that security is upheld as the world is always plagued with people wanting to destroy the livelihood of others.

The super scanner hand held metal detector is the favorite detector used by Law Enforcement officers and all other security officers. Eliminating evasive pat downs during weapons screenings, and ensuring no dangerous metal objects get by them. The Olympic Games have been making use of the super scanner since 1984, and it has proven to be highly effective and dependable. It is also completely safe to use around wearers of pacemakers and other medical devices.

The garret hand held metal detector can detect medium sized pistols from a distance, including knives, razor blades foil wrapped drugs, handcuffs, tiny jewelry, and even electronic components. As the detectors are so lightweight it is easy to scan large areas and surfaces quickly and thoroughly.

Features of The Garret Hand Held Metal Detector

The garret hand held metal detector is easy to use, there is no need to fine tune or make any other unnecessary adjustments. The device is so sensitive it can never be compromised, but does come with a reduced sensitivity mode for scanning floors. The garret hand held metal detector operates at a frequency of 95 khz; it has a speaker, a red light which goes on when metal is detected.

A jack for charging and earphones if you prefer silent scanning. This scanner has a three way switch (on, off, and momentary operation), and an interference elimination switch. The battery also provides up to 80 hours of operation. This is ideal for making sure that all your metal detector needs are met and you don’t have to stop in the middle of a crucial operation.