Cortes – A Tesoro Metal Detector Review

This Tesoro metal detector review is going to a look at the Cortes. The Cortes probably best represents the Tesoro line of products in general. It is their top of the line coin detecting metal detector making it a perfect candidate for this Tesoro metal detector review. This is not an underwater metal detector review although the Cortes can be used at some depths.

Features Of The Cortes – An In Depth Tesoro Metal Detector Review

The thing that jumps out right away when you get you hands on the Cortes is the control box and battery holder configuration. The batteries are down underneath the arm bracket to increase the size of the control box. This allows the Cortes to take advantage of a twelve volt system that can handle the high demands of the ID circuitry. In addition to this, because the of this the Cortes can use a two and quarter inch speaker meaning it will be much easier to hear if you have or have not hit a target. This means that you will not miss hits out in the field because of unheard or low volume beeps.

The Cortes also has and industry leading two by sixteen character LCD display. This is the information center on the detector with the top displaying a broad indication on the possible targets. It breaks it down into one of five different types. In addition to that if the target is overdriving the circuits that will be displayed on the LCD as well.

A Tesoro Metal Detector Review

While this information is great, the important part of the Tesoro metal detector review is that it truly is accurate. When you detect something of a different type, this bar will pick it up. The second part of the Cortes is that it can not only detect the type of target but the depth as well. The Cortes uses the phase shift of the target to determine the type and compares this with the amplitude to determine the depth. In a normal metal detector if you had two different metal coins at different depth it would show them being in the same spot, but because of how accurate the Cortes is it can separate out the two and show the one as deeper because of the difference in the phase. This is a unique feature to the Cortes and something you should really consider as important in this Tesoro metal detector review.

There are a host of other features that add to the ability of the Tesoro Cortes’s ability to detect various metals at various depths. From a handy on screen metal type display to the different beep tones for metals the Cortes really does have many features. In addition it comes with a lifetime warranty and only weighs three pounds. This makes this Tesoro metal detector review a positive one from my perspective.