The Seben Extreme – A Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Review

If you are looking for a solid bounty hunter metal detector review then read on to take an in depth look at the Seben Extreme. This bounty hunter metal detector has many uses and can be used in many different environments, but I do not want to get ahead of myself so read on to see what this Seben metal detector review is all about.

What You Are Looking For – An In Depth Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Review

Plain and simple I am going to get straight to the point of this bounty hunter metal detector review – stay away from the Seben Extreme. There are many other products from Seben that are of a solid quality and construction, but the Seben Extreme is not one among them.

This metal detector is listed as a high performance metal detector. But in my experience I found it to be completely useless. They say that it is used by archaeologists, researchers and other specialists but I have a hard time believing that anyone could find this thing useful.

According to the instructions the Seben Extreme Power has the ability to be adjusted with extremely high precision for each special application. In my experience there was only one application for the Seben Extreme, as a high powered boat anchor. Not only was it heavy and clunky, it bleeped and blooped at odd times and was unable to detect even the most base of metals.

While the manual says that you should be able to adjust the detector for metal of varying types, but I had a hard time getting the metal detector to detect anything. According to what I read it should differentiate these metals on an optical and auditory nature, but I found it impossible to configure and use. The manual says that it can detect metal at depths of up to 2.5 meters in the water, but I find that to be hard to believe considering it was impossible to detect coins on the lawn in my back yard.

Maybe the unit I got was defective and I do not want this bounty hunter metal detector review to be completely negative but I really could find nothing positive to say about this unit. Your experience could be completely different from mine. In my opinion, simply stay away. In the machines defense though I never did get in touch with the manufacturer so I can not say for sure if something was wrong with the unit or not, but looking back there probably was. That could seriously squew my bounty hunter metal detector review. Either way, I would never buy one again.