The Tesoro Tiger Shark – An Underwater Metal Detector Review

I have been a metal hunter for years and over time I have learned that the absolute best place to find things is out in the water. In order to do this you are going to need a robust metal detector and after years of searching I think I have found mine. I have read hundreds of different underwater metal detector reviews including fisher metal detector reviews. While these proved ultimately fruitless, the process of looking through them has helped me to be able to write a decent underwater metal detector review.

The Tesoro Tiger Shark In Depth Underwater Metal Detector Review

The first thing I always like to look at when starting an underwater metal detector review is the specifications of the product. This way if it is not what you are looking for you will know right away. The Tiger Shark from Tesoro has an operating frequency of 12.5 kilohertz and round, open concentric search coil that is 8 inches in diameter.

The audio frequency for the beeps is at two hundred and seventy hertz and is transmitted out through stereo, Piezo headphones. It weighs in at around four and a half pounds and runs on eight double A batteries. Typically these will last from 10 to 20 hours before needing to be replaced. The unit will operate in temperatures ranging from thirty to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. It has four modes of operation – No-Motion all metal, Normal Mode, Salt Mode, and Silent Search Motion Discriminate. The maximum operable depth for the unit is 200 feet.

Now that we have that part of the underwater detector review out of the way we can take a realistic look at the unit. The Tiger shark can be set up to function like any other metal detector and will do so in normal mode. The other modes are tailored to specific conditions that you may run into out in the water.

This unit uses the same great balance and discrimination features that made their other products so successful. It is fully capable to work in wet salt areas. In this domain it far outperforms its competition and was the primary reason why I purchased it. In salt water conditions the conductivity of the sand can wreak havoc with lesser metal detectors. With a simple flip of the switch you can turn on the Salt Mode and you are fully able to do searches in this environment.

For my money, and based on other underwater metal detector reviews, there is not a better product out on the market today.