Getting White Metal Detector Parts – Adding Onto Your Detector

If you are looking to get additional White metal detector parts but are not sure where to go or what to get there are a couple options open to you. The first is you can always go to your local dealer and see what White metal detector parts they carry. Sometimes however they will not have every part available to them and you will have to go to White directly. You can find a list of all the different White metal detector parts on their website. Many times these parts will be interchangeable between different lines so they will work as well on a White metal detector Prizm as well as a E class or Beach Series. There are several different add on White metal detector parts that can really improve your experience.

The Different White Metal Detector Parts You Have To Choose From

The first part that I like to add on to most of my White detectors is the Super 12 Search Coil. This search coil is far larger then the stock one available and provides you a much greater search depth. You can also exchange it quickly with the standard one if you do not want something that big to search with.

There is also the Eclipse Shooter DD search coil. This search coil provides better sensitivity to physically smaller metal targets and performance in extreme trash. It also has a physically smaller foot print for working around obstacles. This one will find the good stuff in areas littered with trash.

Also in the Eclipse line is the Deepscan DD. This replacement coil is an 8 inch by 14 inch coil designed for deep seeking over difficult ground. This coil will reduce 75% of the ground mineralization for easily finding targets deep underground.

If you are really looking for the best at deep detection though the Blue Max 15 inch Search coil is a great one to have. It does not do well on smaller targets but can find the big ones at incredible depths. It is generally able to detect accurately down to about three feet, but I have seen some go much farther then that.

As you can see there are a lot of White metal detector parts you can add onto your current model to adapt it to do specific jobs. These different heads each have their own purpose and function, so if you are not having luck with your current head you may want to pick up one of these to improve you chances.